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It's been 20 years now since Hector Mazzotti hit the road as a professional lead guitarist. One of the most tight and technically gifted guitar players in contemporary Brazilian rock, Mazzotti adds up to a staggering mastery of scales, modes and chord progression, the hot emotional metrics of his playing.


Mazzotti boasts an impressive career in the brazilian rock scene. His experience goes from accompanying great singers in tours, playing with several rock and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), bands in night clubs and elaborate partnerships in concerts and recordings with great Brazilian musicians such as Ricky Furlani, Wander Taffo, Netinho (Os Incríveis), John Favicchia (NY drummer), Alaor Neves etc.


His first instrumental authoral album, Kosmo Dimensio, shows 9 pieces all composed by Mazzotti. Launched in 2006, it was warmly welcomed by his fans and praised by brazilian and international rock music media. Boasting a unique personal style of composing, Mazzotti mixes in his guitar heavy rock and progressive rock thus creating miriads of amazing climates and atmospheres.


In 2009 Mazzotti launches his first printed electric guitar method Bars, tuplets and polyrythm. Filling up a gap in the Brazilian musical marketplace where no information on the subjet can be found by electric guitar players. The method approaches many rythmic concepts, ranging from the basic principles of rythm and its subdivisions up to odd bars and lots of tuplets.


Also in 2009 joins the progressive rock group Yvory Gates. They release in 2011 The Devil's Dance and the album is acclaimed by specialized critics worlldwide (Brazil, Europe, the US and elsewhere) as a great prog metal work. It was among the Top Ten list in the Whiplash.Net site, Brasilian #1 rock website, as best 2011 albums. Fans were in the hundreds (thousands?) to attend concerts performed to promote it, in Sao Paulo, Campinas, Piracicaba and other cities.


In 2011 Mazzotti is invited to take part in the Rock Rhapsody show, a partnership between rock and the classical music. Formed by the classical ensemble Ternamente Eclético, composed by Cecilia Bellato on the piano, Álvaro Damasio on acoustic bass, Luiz Fernando Dutra on violin and Débora Batista on vocals. Rock Rhapsody added to it two electric guitars (Mazzotti and José Fernando Freitas) and drums, with Roggero Chiarinelli. Concerts were performed at the main halls in Piracicaba, always for the benefit of Associação Ilumina, a support group for people with cancer. In the 14 consecutive sessions for tickets sold out soon after being released, wich caused nd session.


In 2014 Mazzotti is launching his second personal album Love and Pain. After eight years from the release of Kosmo Dimensio, this new work shows a more mature set of compositions, presenting remarkable melodies and keeping the unique traits of music making already present in his previous work. The title track is a song from Netinho, drummer of the Brazilian outstanding rock band Os Incríveis together with Mazzotti.


In April 2012 they had to make two In september 2014 Mazzotti move to England to start a new life and establish himself as a musician in UK. Just a couple of months after his arrive he does an audition to Eat the Rich band, and fortunately get the job. It's such a pleasure to him play with this incredible and unique band. In january 2015 Mazzotti got his Rock Guitar Grade 8 certificate, from the University of West London ­ London College of Music Examinations, passed with distinction.


Musical Background Piracicaba, were Mazzotti was born and has lived in, is the world's mecca of sugar cane production and processing. Thanks to the wealth sugar and ethanol provide, Piracicaba is proud of its intense cultural life and excellent music schools. Mazzotti took full advantage of that rich environment, starting his musical studies at the age of eight. Always a brilliant classical and rock guitar student, Mazzotti has acquired not only amazing dexterity but also a deep knoledge over classical music, there included, notation, tempo, harmony, all that allows him to write his own music as much as perform written stuff from great sources among wich Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Dream Theater.A graduate mechanical engineer, Mazzotti abandoned an almost complete master degree in agricultural machinery to dedicate himself to music in 2002. Since then he combines actvities in music research and performance with the task of teaching: he runned his own music school, "Tempo 1", where he and other highly skilled professionals teached guitar as well as bass, singing, drums, violin and much more. An outstanding feature of Mazzotti's work is the charity concert The Instruments Speak Up. Led by Mazzotti, this important social work has been an occasion for the presentation of new experiments in instrumental rock music and the appearance of scores of local rock performers. It has taken place from 1999 to 2007, and overall has contributed to the collection of more than 2.5 tonnes of food supplies destined to poor people in Piracicaba ( SP / Brazil ).


Heitor Mazzotti ­ Love & Pain Second full­length album of Mazzotti's portfolio, Love & Pain brings up 9 brand new pieces. It's undoubtedly his top job. The album was produced by Mazzotti and Claudio Sanches Vicente, and recorded between 2008 e 2013 at the Groovie, Mazzotti, Haick and Favicchia's Studios. All songs were composed by Heitor Mazzotti. Performed by Mazzotti on all guitars (acoustic and electric) and bass on two tracks. We also had Marcos Dellamatrice and Fernando Defavari on the bass and Fabricio Félix, Fábio Rodrigues, and the stars drummers John Favicchia (NY drummer) and Luiz Franco Thomaz (Netinho), from a very well know 50's Brazilian band called "Os Incríveis".

Eat The Rich whet appetites for rock, punk and folk By Plymouth Herald | Posted: December 10, 2014 By ELLIE HUDSON Read more: Eat The Rich Follow us: @heraldnewslive on Twitter | theplymouthherald on Facebook Thistle Park Tavern

WHEN a band undergoes a change in their line­up, dynamics within the camp can shift dramatically. Or, in some cases, the change may go largely unnoticed depending on the character, personality and an obvious comparison in musical skills, styles and prowess with the outgoing and incoming member/s. Tonight, Eat The Rich are debuting their new lead guitarist Hector Mazzotti who hails from the Brazilian state of São Paulo, so all eyes – and ears – are focussed on him and his very impressive looking pedal board, the likes of which aren't often seen in a local pub setting. For those not in the know, Eat The Rich bring a massive dollop of jiggy eclectic fun to the stage with their fusion of rock, punk and Irish folk. The line­up – Tim Trevin, vocalist and fiddle player, Eddie Kingdom on drums and Neil Pratt on bass – kicked into the gig with what felt like a whole new vibrancy within the band. A huge injection of freshness was prevalent – there was huge smiles all round, cheeky banter for the birthday girl in the crowd... They were on tip top form tonight. The usual suspects, I Fought The Law, Sally Maclennane, These Boots Are Made for Walking, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Black Betty, Blackbird and Heave Away were all in the mix but the added bonus for us was Hector showcasing some joyous and stunningly jaw­dropping guitar solos. This is no ordinary guitarist – we were watching a master at work and the loud applause he received showed the audience's appreciation. It has to be said, for Eat The Rich this isn't so much just a new guitarist but a complete upgrade for the band as a whole. The previous guitar sound was often too loud and drowned out the fiddle and vocals. The lead guitar is now less about ramping up the volume and more about finesse and aptitude. A winning formula. Mazzotti brings a lot to the table. Google his name – he's got rock and prog credentials running through his veins. His style comprises a myriad of techniques and that pedal board isn't just for show either – he created some stunning tones on those solos. This gentleman is, I believe, going to be key to Eat The Rich's elevation as a band. With Hector Mazzotti ensconced in the camp they've just raised the bar sky high.


Grade 8 in Rock Guitar by University of West London

Kosmo Dimensio

shows 9 pieces all composed by Mazzotti. Launched in 2006, it was warmly welcomed by his fans and praised by brazilian and international rock music media